Garra Productions is a team of professionals and comes to meet the demand for an increasingly global and competitive international market. Combining experience, youth and the drive to satisfy customers worldwide . We specialize in different areas of the audiovisual industry. Our managerial team has over two decade of experience in this market, in different areas and in different ways, always based on an entrepreneurial , independent , creative and responsible profile. We are a team that develops in all aspects involving an audiovisual product . From an idea, to writing the script , financing, management, production , post-production and distribution. A team of infinite possibilities . Therefore, in addition to working on our own projects , we offer the full range of possible audiovisual services. And yes , we know that today the margins are low , working hours are not counted and globalization is the base that will keep our industry alive.


Garra Productions is a audiovisual company that provides a full range of services for direction casting to international companies wishing to develop their audiovisual production of a Film and TV in Panama, Spain Venezuela and Brazil, making us a provider of bilingual artistic talent. Actors, actresses, extras, make extensive database to meet the needs of local, national or international market. For more information, contact us and we’ll be very happy to assist you and give you a quote on request.


Versatility is one of GARRA PRODUCTIOS mainstay. That is why we do cinematic distribution as well. We have distributed four films in Venezuela, España y Brasil. Nowadays, We know it is a hard task. But with a deep marketing campaign assessment and a well designed investment plan, we get profitable business. Moreover, we have the experience in major films’ commercialization, as Sony and BuenaVista. We can also distribute throughout Latin America.